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Naperville Industrial Epoxy Floor

Industrial Non-Slip Epoxy Flooring In Naperville | Warehouse | Machine Shops 

When considering the best flooring option for your Naperville property, one should always consider the idea of epoxy flooring for its versatility and durability. Epoxy floors within properties, especially commercial properties, can be very beneficial and help save money in the long run. Commercial and industrial properties are more prone to heavy equipment usage, such as large machinery in warehouses, and you want to make sure that your flooring can withstand any heavy operations that follow.

​Wood floors are too soft when it comes to commercial and industrial properties and can easily have boards broken from accidents or have water damage. Concrete flooring in industrial properties is also a bad route because of easy chipping or their capabilities of cracking over a few years.

While on the other hand, epoxy flooring is capable of withstanding more forceful impacts thanks to the material within it which is highly impacting and chemical resistant. If you own a warehouse, manufacturing facility, showroom, garage, or aircraft hanger then you should be highly considering installing epoxy floors. Give us a call today to schedule a free estimate for your property or feel free to check out our gallery to see some of our work. Our number is at the top of the page or click here to call today. 

Having different options when it comes to deciding on exactly what you want to do with your floors is something we always take pride in offering our customers. Metallic vs Flake epoxy can drastically enhance the look of your newly installed epoxy floors. Garages, Man Caves, Basements, All the above can be improved cosmetically and in value by installing new Epoxy floors!

Acid washing your floors is always a unique option when it comes to flooring especially when it involves epoxy flooring. Flaked Epoxy Floors can provide both a professional look or even a modern look and feel to your garage, basement, or commercial space. Flake Epoxy vs Metallic epoxy is always a tough choice but our experts will always provide you with the best options we can.

Epoxy flooring for warehouse in napervil

Factory Epoxy Flooring

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Warehouse Epoxy Flooring


Machine Shop Epoxy Flooring

Epoxy Flooring for factories and Industrial  Businesses In Naperville

Epoxies became a standard term for a good range of sorts of gum flooring frameworks. Epoxy is that the completely relieved final product of normally two segments or gums that are combined. Epoxies are known for his or her glue characteristics and are getting used for an extended time. you'll discover epoxy being utilized for the split fix, preliminary frameworks, and last top coats for floors and surfaces. Epoxy floor coatings are accessible during a boundless shading palette even as clear epoxy. Epoxies are frequently utilized because of the bond coat for resulting top layers of comparative material or of the upper scraped area and artificial opposition, for instance, Polyurethane or Polyaspartic coatings. An epoxy groundwork coat is often solid or water-based. For the foremost part for thicker applications, 100% solids epoxy is employed due to its capacity to repair quickly and its definitive quality. 

Epoxy coatings seal a solid section under a layer of fluid plastic. It tends to be utilized in both indoor and door spaces, so there's no limit to the appliance prospects. An epoxy covering brings a few smooth, polished complements impervious to scrapes, scratches, and most synthetics. There are three kinds of epoxy coatings: terrazzo, garage floor epoxy coatings, and metallic epoxy coatings. Recolored solid floors are an ingenious method to form the polish of shined calfskin or matured characteristic stone look. Corrosive stains for all time change a standard solid section into a lavish floor looking like marble or coated stone. Stains are utilized for inside or outside use with 8 standard hues.

Is it worth it to hire a professional Epoxy Company? Our commercial Flooring services are designed to help general contractors with interior and exterior epoxy applications and meet their project deadlines. We utilize the latest floor grinding tools for maximum coverage in the shortest time possible without affecting the quality of our work. We are experienced in the commercial sector and recognized among many as the best industrial concrete services. We also attend weekly progress meetings and work well with our fellow contractors from different trades to get the job done in the most time-effective fashion.

Some of the commercial services and certifications that we provide include the following:


  • OSHA trained and certified

  • Fall-safety equipment

  • Certified aerial lift operators

  • industrial epoxy grinders

  • Commercial-grade paints

  • Drywall ceilings

  • Oil-based paints for metal

  • MSDS safety sheets

​For best results its advised to call us and we will come examine your property and give you all the information available on which epoxy flooring is right for you. If you have any questions or would like to see some of our work then check out our gallery or give us a call at (630) 528-0275.

Epoxy flooring costs a touch the pace of various kinds of ground surface anyway gives a far far better surface region which will usually illuminate its own story. Floor paint can gracefully support to guests during a structure, for instance, a well being place where different hued lines are made for people to follow to the varied divisions. Dangers can in like manner be featured in areas where snags would simply be a problem, for instance, round the fringe of Hell in vehicle upkeep and fix administration.

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Naperville Epoxy Flooring

Our Epoxy Floors

At Naperville Epoxy Flooring, we are proud of the variety of services we have to offer. If you do not see exactly what you're looking for then feel free to call us!

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There are a lot of different floors in the world, but epoxy flooring is unique. Unlike other surfaces that use concrete or wood glue as their base layer and then cover it up with refined sugars to give them an elegant shine - epoxies have only one important ingredient: high-quality resin mixed with hardener chemicals until they're just right for your particular need! This standard solid epoxy typically had a nice glossy finish to it so it looks extra shiny on your garage floor.

Flake Epoxy Flooring

The addition of Flake systems can give your floor an interesting visual flair. These vinyl chips are made up of various irregular shapes, including squares and diamonds to create a variety in color for when they're sprinkled onto freshly applied epoxy resin floors which might otherwise be seen as dull or unfinished because there's no other option but just refinishing old ones again after time wears them down easily over years worth if usage.


Whether you want to create an understated look or make your bright ideas come alive, a trusted professional will help guide you through the options so that every room has only what best suits its needs and style. A wide range is available with many color/texture combinations including: subtle tones for sophisticated looks; vibrant accents like marbleized inserts which can give any space instant glamourous appeal.


Metallic epoxy painted floors are a great way to create an exotic floor design with amazing effects. The best way to create a dynamic, lava flow design is by using the special multi-layered epoxy floor coating system. The process for producing these types of floors includes mixing through different colors, patterns and designs that are created by the additives in each layer as it cures creating movement where there was none before!


The epoxy will create a smooth, colorful look for designated walkways or other markings-it also provides many performance functions like slip resistance and abrasion protection for your commercial epoxy floor!


It's perfect if you're looking for waterproof qualities with hygienic cleanliness in mind; making this product very popular among businesses who want their work areas safe but always stylish too.


Concrete absorbs pollutants and contributes towards ground contamination which leads to costly maintenance and repairs for you and your industrial flooring!


Jacksonville Epoxy Flooring has a variety of coatings that will not only look good but also serve as an effective way prevent dirt from getting absorbed into buildings while protecting it against outside elements.

Benefits Of Our Epoxy Floors

Epoxy flooring is a cost-effective and durable solution for your home or office

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At Naperville Epoxy Flooring we are well known for having a large variety of epoxy flooring options. Everything from basic solid options to more exotic metallic and flake options. Call today to see all of our epoxy coating options.

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Epoxy floor coatings require less maintenance than you might think. Generally, epoxy is known for its easy maintenance regardless of what environment it is being used in. Simply power wash it from time to time and it stays strong and clean!

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When you choose to coat your home or business floor with an epoxy coating you will surely stand out. Epoxy kits typically come with the option to mix for any color you could think of. Whether you want solid grey epoxy or silver metallic, Naperville Epoxy Flooring has you covered.  

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Home Value

When you factor in all the benefits of installing epoxy flooring, perhaps one of the most valuable is the increased value to your home or business. Epoxy floorings longevity and long term value is one of the biggest reasons homeowners and business owners choose it as their go-to. 

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Epoxy flooring boasts many things but durability is one of its greatest benefits. Whether you need to store heavy equipment, drive on it, or do heat-related work, epoxy floor coatings will ensure that you won't have to worry about constant repairs or difficult clean-up. 

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Naperville Epoxy Flooring contractors offer a wide variety of epoxy customization and colors. If you can think of the color you want for your epoxy floor then chances are we can mix it to match your vision. This is one of the reasons we are the best choice for your epoxy floor installation 

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We offer endless colors and material options with our epoxy floors Naperville Painting and Epoxy Flooring. If there is a color you want for your home or business we can install it!

























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